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Cushioned Horseshoe Pad

The Black Pad - Original

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The "Sport"

The "Sport"

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 A Cushioned Insole Designed to work with your choice of horseshoe to:

       Absorb Concussion ... 

           Reduce Inflammation...

               Reduce Pain!

The Black Pads with your choice of shoe!

*  Quality polymer pad that perimeter-loads,  just like your conventional shoe

*  Special designed "cleat" for protection and comfort right where your horse lands

*  When horses are comfortable and confident to land correctly on their heels, all of the biomechanics function properly as well

"Sound horses land confidently HEEL first"

These pads are designed to absorb concussion at the point where the horse's foot first impacts the ground.

The Black Pads give your horse protection and cushioning where it's needed  most!


For proper locomotion, horses must be comfortable landing on the back third of their foot.

The Black Pads enhance the hoof's natural shock absorbing ability with a broader, stable base and impact-absorbing material.

" It's a miracle! "

The Black Pads

  • Features

    The Black Pads are a custom-designed pad composed of a carefully chosen polymer. Its unique design provides heel support, allows proper frog engagement, protects the sole, the bars, and the wall - while absorbing concussion.

    It's like nothing else on the market!

    Our "cushioned insole" has the ability to absorb the impact of landing on the heel - as horses do.  Take your preferred horseshoe, cut off the last inch and a half and attach it to the pad - it's that simple. 

  • * The Black Pad absorbs impact, unlike steel and aluminum, reducing concussion, inflammation and shock, 

    * Because of the design, The Black Pad "loads" on the outer heel area with some passive frog engagement - this provides a wide base and (because the back of the shoe has been removed) allows the back of the foot to expand as Mother Nature intended.

    * The Black Pad also gets the foot "up off of the ground" - meaning that it provides a substantial cushion between the foot and the ground.  This is especially helpful for horses with flat feet, thin soles and laminitis, among many other ailments it addresses.

  • *The ability to compress on landing allows The Black Pads to enable horses , who might not land perfectly, to get a more even impact with the ground - which benefits not only the hoof, but also all associated joints.

    *We've had great success with horses wearing The Black Pads for "run-downs" - either reducing or completely eliminating the problem.  This is exciting because, not only does it help the painful run-down, it eases the hyperflexion of all of the associated structures.

    *Unlike the pads that are currently on the market, The Black Pad is not a hard piece of plastic and, unlike leather, it will not dry out and be rock-hard in 6-7 days.  It is made in the USA of a high quality polymer that will withstand the environments that our horses live and work in.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simply to make horses more comfortable

We have spent our lifetime with horses and a great majority of it dealing with hoof issues.  The Black Pad is designed to give horses a cushioned insole that works with any conventional horseshoe - and affords your horse the same comfort level you get when you choose your athletic shoes over your dress shoes!

Application Tutorial


How long will the pads last?

It depends largely on the workload of the horse. We have found that The Black Pad will retain the maximum benefit through one resetting; however, on an inactive horse, they may last longer.

Will the pads work with all types of shoes?

Almost any type of shoe (steel or aluminum) can be inserted into the front part of the pad. We have had good results with shoes fitted with quarter clips. The quarter clips provide an extra measure of stability for the pad and shoe.

Is this strictly a therapeutic pad?

No! The Black Pad can be used on any horse that can be fitted with a conventional horse shoe. Because of its design and composition, it has the ability to absorb concussion, so it is an excellent tool insuring the comfort of any equine athlete, or can be used for any equine that needs therapeutic support.

Are the pads specific to a certain breed or discipline?

We believe that almost all horses will appreciate the benefit of the pads. The softer, more comfortable feel of the pads as well as the concussion reduction properties will make their work much more enjoyable.

Are the Pads difficult to apply?

The pads are really very easy to apply (please see video tutorial). They trim easily with nippers (for custom fitting) and finish off smoothly.

How can I expect the pads to hold up in the pasture?

The Black Pad stands up to typical pasture or paddock turnout. Horses who typically pull conventional shoes, or tend to grab or spring the heels of their shoes seem to have less a problem when fitted with The Black Pad, due to its flexibility and design.

My horse has a clubbed foot (or other hoof imperfection). Can he be fitted?

Due to the unique, patent-pending composition of The Black Pad, it is completely customizable. If your farrier would like the height of the pad to be lessened to some degree, he can easily change the heel height with a grinder.

How do I get my farrier to use the pads?

Show them this website! Order a pair and ask your farrier to try them, or call us directly. We offer quantity discounts to farriers in the trade.

For the Farrier: How can I get my customers to pay extra for The Black Pads?

If your clients are hesitant to purchase The Black Pads for their horses after learning all of the benefits they provide, explain the financials: the pads cost less than $15/month (because they re-set) !