THE BLACK PADS from Doc Foal's

If you're looking for a more comfortable, stable, long-lasting solution for your horse's hoof issues, give THE BLACK PADS a try! They're great for all horses, especially those with: thin soles, under-run heels, crushed heels, sheared heels (all types of heel distortions), Navicular Laminitis, bruises, and so forth. Horses in all disciplines have benefited from wearing these pads.


Not just for "Therapy", all horses can benefit from these pads!

We have been developing these particular pads for almost 2 years and have tested them on horses with a variety of hoof ailments. The results have been extraordinary! The horses with Navicular and Laminitis responded amazingly, surprising even the biggest skeptics. In addition, general hoof health improved dramatically with reduced bruising, reduced crushed heels and improved hoof growth.

It is scientifically proven that magnets increase blood flow/circulation and this leads to more healthy feet. But we don't use just any old magnets -- our magnets have healing properties like no other; we'd like to tell you all about that but it's proprietary info (you know, to keep the copycats guessing!😉).

These pads are a drug-free alternative to help improve your horse's hoof health and they work toward that goal 24/7!

Even if you don't "believe in magnets", you have nothing to lose! We're so confident in our pads that, if you don't feel that your horse is more comfortable after wearing our pads, we will refund the purchase price!

Please feel free to contact us at 302.632.7422 if you have any questions

The following video is just one of the horses who benefitted from these pads.