Hybrid Horseshoe Pad made to increase comfort and soundness in your horse.  Cushioned insole enhances the performance of your conventional horseshoe.

A "Hybrid" Solution for the Equine Athlete

The Black Pads pair easily with the shoe of your choice to provide comfort and protection for your equine athlete where it's needed most: in the heels where they land.

How can these pads help horses?

If you're looking for a more comfortable, stable, long-lasting solution for hoof issues, give THE BLACK PADS a try! They're great for all horses, especially those with: thin soles, under-run heels, crushed heels, sheared heels (all types of heel distortions), Navicular, Laminitis, bruises, and more. Horses in all disciplines have benefited from wearing THE BLACK PADS, they're like nothing else on the market and your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

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