A "Hybrid" Solution for the Equine Athlete

The Black Pads pair easily with the shoe of your choice to provide comfort and protection for your equine athlete where it's needed most: in the heels where they land.

How can these pads help horses?

If you're looking for a more comfortable, stable, long-lasting solution for hoof issues, give THE BLACK PADS a try! They're great for all horses, especially those with: thin soles, under-run heels, crushed heels, sheared heels (all types of heel distortions), Navicular, Laminitis, bruises, and more. Horses in all disciplines have benefited from wearing THE BLACK PADS, they're like nothing else on the market and your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

⭐ NEW! ⭐

⭐ NEW! Healing-frequency Pads!

Healing frequencies are not new, Albert Einstein had this to say:

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

Not just for "therapeutic use", any horse, in any discipline, can benefit from these pads!

We have been developing this enhanced version of our pads for almost 3 years and have tested them on horses with a variety of hoof ailments. The results have been extraordinary! The horses with Navicular and Laminitis responded amazingly, surprising even the biggest skeptics. In addition, general hoof health improved dramatically with reduced bruising, reduced crushed heels and improved hoof growth.

These pads are a drug-free alternative to help improve your horse's hoof health and they work toward that goal 24/7!

We're so confident in these pads that we offer this guarantee: if you don't believe your horse is more comfortable after wearing our pads, we will refund the purchase price!


    This is a question we're often asked and the short answer is no. The truth of the matter is that the magnet pads have been tested in the "trial by fire" mode. We have put them on horses with an urgent need and in every instance, the result has been amazing.

    We have found that, for our purposes, the horses give us the absolute best feedback. They are totally unbiased, with no allegiances and no connections; they're truly genuine.


    Magnetic therapy is an effective alternative medicine that has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and promote pain relief.

    The addition of the magnets, strategically placed for optimum performance, is to create the field that carries the healing frequencies. Your horse will be more comfortable within days AND visible improvement to the hoof in 2 - 3 shoeing cycles!


    One of the greatest reasons to try the pads is that they work for you 24/7! The pads are durable, can be re-set and cost is very low, relative to other available treatment options. They're non-invasive AND, no pharmaceuticals!

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