Testimonials for The Black Pads

This is a Facebook post from one of our farrier friends about his experience with The Black Pads.  We love these stories!

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Lamar Wingard

1 week with Doc Foal's Gary Miller pads. First start back in 2018...new life mark....under wraps...drawing off. Red Rose Swan. Tr. LeWayne Miller


These pads are amazing! i have put them on two of my show horses (hunter/jumpers). Not only do they feel sounder but also helped them to move better. Zero complaints about these pads!   Sofia Catherine - Dover, DE


Results speak for themselves. A great pad for sore footed horses and running down behind.  Victor Kirby, Milford, DE

 I love these pads my horse is sounder then he’s been in years!  Ronnie Dixon, Dover, DE

My OTTB who shows jumper and dressage has had The Black Pad for 6 months. The difference has been amazing . He raced until he was 9 and has suffered from horrible feet. He is a happier, sounder and more balanced horse who is finally able to fulfill his unlimited potential.       Kathleen M. Coyle  - Virginia

 We love using these pads, horses that we are using them on have have shown great improvement . definitely worth using!  Karen Russo Fread - PA

July 29th is when we put pads on.. reset last night, August 14 ...so much improvement!! Alvin Martin, our farrier, was amazed!!  LOVE your product!!  Thank You, I have a racehorse again!!
Amy Wetzel - Wisconsin
In just 2 weeks!
Wearing The Black Pads - Ray Cable, Jr.
"Getting sound, The Black Pads" - Ray Cable, Jr.
Love this pad. Has help take the shock away of hard track surface and raised low angles and smashed down heels up off of the ground. It certainly made the racehorses we added them to more comfortable and cleaner gaited. With less veterinary expenses - thank you.  Boyd Hudson - Maryland
A really great pad! I tried the pads on a horse with extremely sore feet and the pads improved his gait and lowered him times. Using these pads on the back, you can almost completely stop a horse from running down. Great product and I would recommend these pads for any horse with foot problems.  Brittingham Stable - Felton, DE
Love these pads!! Have used on quite a few horses and instantly became sound and improved there feet tremendously. Highly recommend these pads for any horse even if they don't have feet trouble because it could prevent a lot of other issues or injuries from happening.  Jason Johnson - Dover, DE
Helped a lot of horses with these pads. They have really allowed me to get the flat footed horses off the ground and in general puts the cushion where you need it....IN THE HEEL. Great product that really helps.  Arthur Lisi Horseshoeing - Virginia