About Us

The Black Pads are a result of a long search for something to help horses with hoof issues.  Having worked on horses’ feet for 30+ years, mainly patching quartercracks on racehorses, and seeing the damage created from the repeated concussion of the hoof impacting the ground, I was on the constant search for something to alleviate the damage.  I tried every shoe, pad, and shoe/pad combination on the market and even though some of the options seemed to work at first, none of them worked for the long haul.  Fast-forward, when I was unable to find a product suitable for the job, I decided to try to create a pad that would cushion the impact, with a concentration in the heels because that is where horses land and where the great majority of damage is located.  With a great deal of help and patience from my family, The Black Pads were created.  My original intent was just to make a pad to use on my own horses but as word began spread in our local horse community, requests for pads began coming in and so it began.