Hoof Function:   So, what exactly is THE BLACK PAD?

Hoof Function: So, what exactly is THE BLACK PAD?


Basically, The Black Pad is a cushioned insole designed to alleviate the trauma incurred from repeatedly landing on a very hard conventional horseshoe by replacing the back portion of the shoe with a cushioned pad that absorbs the concussion while also spreading the impact over a broader surface, making a more comfortable solution for the horse.

The insoles are made of a very high quality polymer (with a PSI of 3500) and are designed and created to reduce the concussion and the resulting inflammation to a horse’s hoof from the repeated insults resulting from the hoof impacting the ground.  Horses land on their heels, much as we humans do (heel to toe), and as they land on their heel a tremendous amount of pressure is applied to that area.  The goal of The Black Pad – a cushioned insole for horses - is to remove the hard, narrow metal, that is the conventional horseshoe from that high impact area (the heel) and instead provide a more cushioned, forgiving, stable area for the horse to land upon.

The very design of The Black Pads works in conjunction with the horse’s hoof as Mother Nature intended, the primary “load” is on the perimeter (just like the hoof wall) with passive frog engagement.  This allows the hoof to expand upon impact and subsequently allow the horse’s digital cushion to perform its’ vital functions.  Reducing overall impact to the foot will help to reduce concussion to the entire hoof capsule which, in turn, reduces inflammation, bruising and pain. 

Horses who are experiencing pain in their feet are no different than humans who have painful feet.  They try to land on their feet in any way that might protect them from the pain – this can cause more problems than painful feet alone; all of the associated structures above the hoof are subject to injury as a result.  The hoof is the base of the horse, without a strong base, the entire structure is weakened. 

The Black Pad is not the “be all and end all” for the horse – it will not cure every problem your horse may encounter; however, it is a very positive step in the right direction to creating more comfort for your horse.  It is CUSHIONED INSOLES FOR YOUR HORSE!

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